About Me




My name is Charles Michener and I am the primary practitioner at B.C. Massage.   After a quarter century in construction I found that the career that I had found extremely satisfying for many years no longer spoke to me the way it had.    I needed an outlet for different types of creativity.   So I followed an idea I had 25 years ago and went to The Swedish Institute, a Collage of Health Sciances one of the top massage schools in the country and discovered a joy and a passion in a new craft.   With my pervious life experiences and skills I don't feel as if a career in a spa is where I want to be.   So I have opened a small private studio that allows me to work the way I want to.    By having my own homey space I can give my clients the kind of attention that is unlike what you would experience in a spa.   This individual attention and care is one of the main reasons I entered this field and what makes B.C. Massage great.  Come down and feel what I mean, I am betting that you will be back for more.


Please be well.